Authority of Producers

The Plan has no sales agents. We use the term producer to refer to the "insurance agent" or licensed intermediary who assists applicants in applying to the Plan. Producers are not representatives or agents of the Plan. You are not an agent of the Plan.


Producers Should

  • Assist applicants to the Plan.
  • Submit properly completed and signed applications to the Plan.
  • Submit proper documentation of rejection with applications.
  • Be familiar with this website.
  • Be licensed to sell insurance on properties in Wisconsin.
  • Follow the rules and procedures of the Plan and Section Ins 4.10 of the Wisconsin Administrative Code.
    • Refer to the Wisconsin Administrative Code section Ins 4.10, especially paragraph (19), for more information.

Producer Commissions

Commissions are 10% of the policy premium. They are paid the month after the policy is issued. For example, if a policy was issued in January, the commission for that policy will be paid in February. Commission checks are mailed early in the month.

If the Plan pays a return premium to the customer, the commission previously paid to the producer on that return premium must be returned to the Plan. The commission statement will indicate a payment is due to the Plan. Failure to remit return commissions may result in a complaint to the Office of the Commissioner of Insurance.


Producers Can Not

  • Act as agents for the Plan.
  • Bind coverage for the Plan.
  • Issue any documents on behalf of the Plan.
  • Alter or change policies issued by the Plan.
  • Settle losses of the Plan.
  • Collect or receive premiums on Plan policies. Premiums must be received in the Plan’s office.
  • Decline or refuse to insure a risk on behalf of the Plan.
  • Act on behalf of the Plan or commit the Plan to any course of action.