Premium Payments

Premium payments should be received in the Wisconsin Insurance Plan’s office before the due date on the Premium Notice. If not received, a Cancellation Notice for non-payment is mailed.
For a policy to remain in force after a Cancellation Notice is generated, the premium payment must be received in the Plan’s office before the cancellation date listed on the notice. If a timely payment is received, a Reinstatement Notice is mailed indicating that payment was received and the policy remains in force.
If a premium payment is received in the Plan’s office but it was not received before the cancellation date, it will not be accepted. We cannot accept payment for a cancelled policy. The payment will be returned. There is no grace period.
If a premium payment is never received, the policy will terminate on the cancellation date. A cancelled policy cannot be reinstated after the cancellation date. If coverage is still needed after a cancellation, a completely new application submission is required.
Wisconsin Insurance Plan currently offers the following methods for making a premium payment:

Payments By Check

Payments can be submitted in the form of a certified check, money order, agency check or personal check of the insured. Please make checks payable to “Wisconsin Insurance Plan” or “W.I.P.” and include your policy number.
We do not accept cash.
Payments can be delivered in person during normal business hours or send by mail to the Plan office at:

Wisconsin Insurance Plan
2115 10th Avenue, Suite 201
South Milwaukee, WI 53172

A $28.00 fee will be charged for returned checks due to insufficient funds.

Payments Online

The Wisconsin Insurance Plan now offers the capability to make payments for quotes, renewals and installments payments online. To utilize the payment program, click the link below and follow the easy step by step instructions to ensure the payment is properly processed.
The Wisconsin Insurance Plan is not responsible for any processing errors caused by the providing of incorrect information.
The insured will be charged a $28.00 service fee if the payment cannot be processed due to incorrect information or payment is returned due to insufficient funds.