Wisconsin Insurance Plan Offers Three Basic Policy Lines


The property must be the principal residence of the owner/applicant.
The dwelling must have a market value of $350,000 or less to qualify.
The residence can be a mobile home at a permanent location.


Dwelling Property

A Dwelling policy is suitable for:
A one to four family residence that is either owner-occupied or non-owner occupied where at least half the living units have people residing in them on a daily basis.
A vacant property that is undergoing Active Rehabilitation.
A seasonal residence or secondary home.
A mobile home on a permanent location.
The personal property of someone residing at a residence owned by someone else.
Condominium unit-owners’ personal property.
The dwelling must have a market value of $350,000 or less to qualify.

Commercial Property

A Commercial policy is best for:
Occupied commercial buildings.
Vacant or unoccupied commercial buildings undergoing Active Rehabilitation.
The Business Personal Property of a business owner operating a business in a commercial building.
The combined value of the Building and Business Personal Property to be insured, must have an Actual Cash Value around $500,000 or less to qualify.

The Wisconsin Insurance Plan strongly recommends working with a licensed insurance agent.  We refer to these licensed agents as “Producers”.  They can provide valuable assistance in completing the applications, offer advice on the amount and type of coverage needed, as well as explain the differences between the 3 policy lines and the different perils covered.


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