It is easy to apply to the Wisconsin Insurance Plan.

couple with agent
couple with agent


Contact a licensed insurance agent.

Any licensed insurance agent in the state of Wisconsin can assist you in applying to the Wisconsin Insurance Plan. You may just need to tell them specifically, “I want to apply to the Wisconsin Insurance Plan.”
We refer to these licensed agents as “Producers”. They can provide valuable assistance in completing the applications and offer advice on the amount and type of coverage needed.
Producers should not charge a fee for their assistance. If your application is accepted, the Producer will receive a small commission for servicing your policy from Wisconsin Insurance Plan.
Working with a Producer does not affect the premium charged for Wisconsin Insurance Plan policies. A Producer is a resource of information and assistance which you are encouraged to take advantage of.


Collect the information your Producer needs from you to submit a complete application to the Wisconsin Insurance Plan.

Your Producer will need some basic information from you to complete an application such as your mortgage company’s name and mailing address, etc. They should communicate with you to let you know specifically what information is needed. If you have questions, ask them because they are there to assist you.

Every application to the Wisconsin Insurance Plan has three basic requirements:

A complete application signed & submitted by a Producer.

Documentation showing the property has been cancelled or rejected for coverage by another insurance company within the past 6 months.

An appropriate minimum deposit, at least 20% of the total premium for the policy year.


Your Producer submits the application to Wisconsin Insurance Plan for our underwriters to review.

Applications are processed in the order received. It usually takes our underwriters 3 to 5 business days to determine if an application is acceptable. After they make an initial decision, they notify the applicant by mail and the Producer by email. If more information is required, it is requested at this time.

What happens next?

Inspections and Final Underwriting

If an application is unacceptable, the letter from the underwriter will state the reason(s). At this time, the deposit is returned. We do not retain the deposit when coverage is not started.

If the issue(s) can be corrected, your producer may submit a new application and begin the review process again.

If an application is accepted, policy documents will be mailed and an inspection of the property will be completed within 2 to 4 weeks.

An outside inspection is often all that is needed. However, in some cases an inside inspection may be required. If this is the case, the inspector will contact you for an appointment.

If the property is found acceptable after the inspection, the policy may continue as issued.

If the property is found unacceptable, the policy is cancelled and a Notice of Cancellation is mailed. It is important to read this notice. It will state the reason(s) for the cancellation, what can be done to maintain coverage, and how much time you have to address the issue(s).