Frequently Asked Questions?

What is the Wisconsin Insurance Plan?

The Wisconsin Insurance Plan is a not-for-profit, property insurance association which aims to make basic and affordable property insurance available to people in Wisconsin who are unable to buy insurance through the standard insurance market for various reasons.

Who can buy insurance through the Wisconsin Insurance Plan?

Property owners who have been cancelled or refused property insurance in the standard insurance market could be eligible for property insurance with the Wisconsin Insurance Plan provided that their property meets basic fire and loss prevention as well as safety standards.

How does someone apply for insurance coverage from the Wisconsin Insurance Plan?

Contact any licensed Wisconsin insurance agent. An agent producer can provide valuable assistance in completing the application and offer advice on the amount and type of coverage needed. Click here for more information.

What kind of coverage is available from the Wisconsin Insurance Plan?

The Wisconsin Insurance Plan offers 3 basic policy lines: Dwelling, Homeowners, and Commercial. Click here for more information. Coverage offered is basic and only provides for the basic perils of Fire or Lightning, Extended Coverage (which includes: Windstorm or Hail, Explosion, Riot or Civil Commotion, Aircraft, Vehicles, and Smoke), Vandalism or Malicious Mischief, and Theft. In addition, the policies offered by the Wisconsin Insurance Plan are all Actual Cash Value policies.

Will the Wisconsin Insurance Plan insure any property?

There are reasonable underwriting standards that must be met. These standards take into consideration basic steps that most people would take to make their property safe, including satisfactory housekeeping and maintenance. An inspection of the property is required for every new policy issued. If the inspection reveals hazardous conditions, the property owner is notified and given the opportunity to correct them.
All properties at a fixed location are eligible for coverage with the Wisconsin Insurance Plan except: Motor Vehicles, Manufacturing Properties, Farms, Vacant Properties, and Properties whose market value exceeds the limits offered by the Wisconsin Insurance Plan ($350,000 for Dwelling or Homeowner policies, $500,000 for Commercial polices).

How does the Wisconsin Insurance Plan differ from other insurance companies?

The Wisconsin Insurance Plan is mandated by Wisconsin Administrative Code 4.10 which sets forth the rules and procedures of the Wisconsin Insurance Plan.  Here you will find our purpose, definitions, eligible properties, application procedure, underwriting standards, the customer's right to hearing, and information on commissions and the authority of "insurance agents".  To review Ins 4.10, CLICK HERE

Is the Wisconsin Insurance Plan a state agency?

No, the Wisconsin Insurance Plan is state mandated but not a government agency. WIP employees are not employees of the Office of the Commissioner of Insurance or the State of Wisconsin.