Cancellation requests must be signed by the customer. ACORD forms may be used. We may be able to back-date the cancellation up to 30 days. To back-date longer than 30 days, we must have documentation of coverage elsewhere or documentation that the customer no longer has an insurable interest in the property (i.e. property sold).

A simple note from the customer to cancel the policy is acceptable. The note must request cancellation and state the effective date of the cancellation, the policy number to be cancelled, and the property location. It must be signed by the policyholder and dated. The signature must be readable or the policyholder's name printed under the signature.

We cannot honor a cancellation request after the policy period has ended or after a Notice of Cancellation or Notice of Non-Renewal has been issued.

Return premiums for cancellations are pro-rata. We only retain premium for the time coverage was in force. When we issue a return premium, you are required to return the commission received on that return premium. This transaction is shown on your commission statement.

We cannot use the return premium from the cancellation of one policy as a premium payment or deposit premium for a different policy. The cancellation of one policy and the application for another policy are two different transactions.