How Producers Can Check the Status of An Application

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“What is the status of the application I submitted?”

We get this question a lot.

There’s an easy way for producers to check for themselves.

When logged on to the Producer Portal, all you need to do is go to the Pending Quotes screen.

This screen lists all the Pending Quotes (or Applications in progress) on your producer account.

If you know the quote number of the application you’re inquiring about, you can enter it in the Quote# search box.

If you don’t know the application number, you can use the Insured Name search box and search by the applicant’s last name.

You will have to change the Business Line search box based on what line the application was for.

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You want to look at the Status column to check the status of an application.

Here is a list of what the different statuses mean:

  • Pending Referral – You have submitted the application and it is awaiting review by a WIP underwriter. There is not a Load button next to it because the application is locked and you cannot view or amend it at this time. Please do not click on the Copy button, this will create another application. If you have indicated that a down payment will be mailed, underwriting will not review the application until the payment arrives in our office.
  • Producer Referral – A WIP underwriter has pushed the application back to the producer and requested that you update or change some info or attach a required document. You can click the Load button to open the application. Once you have completed what was requested, you can submit it back to the underwriter to continue the review process by clicking the Submit for Referral button on the last tab.
  • Pending Payment – A formal quote was sent to the mortgage company and we are now awaiting the payment. No policy can go into effect until the day after payment is received in our office.
  • Pending – You have begun the application but have not yet submitted it. Our underwriters cannot review applications until you click on the Submit for Referral button on the last tab of the application. If you do not see this button, it means that you have not yet entered all the required information on the application. You only get this button if all the tabs have turned green or blue. If any tab still has a red X, you need to review that tab and enter the required information in order to continue.
  • Cancel – You clicked on the Cancel Quote button in the application. This application is no longer accessible or valid.
  • Rejected – A WIP underwriter has rejected the application. You would have been notified in writing of the reason(s) and also by email (if we have a valid email for you on file). You can click on the Load button to bring up the application and then click the Paperclip Icon to view this letter. If you need to resubmit an application for this customer, now you can click on the Copy button which will start a new application in this customer’s name.

If you still have questions or encounter a problem, please call us during normal business hours and we will assist you.