Hello Spring!

Weather in Wisconsin can be a bit unpredictable, but it might be safe to pack away the snow shovels and the snow blower for the year. Our high temps are now reaching into the 60’s. Everything is turning green which means it’s time to get out the lawn mower. Here’s a list of some easy home maintenance items to get your property ready for Spring:
• Pack up the snow blower (drain the fuel and add a stabilizer)
• Get out the lawnmower and check it over
• Turn the outside faucets on and check for damage
• Rake up any leaves left from fall and pick up any fallen branches
• Clean out the rain gutters
• Reseed any bare patches in the lawn
• Walk around your house and look for any damage that needs repairing
• HVAC systems should get a biannual check up
• Make sure your sump pump is draining properly before a big spring rainstorm
• Check the smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors in your home
• Set ceiling fans to counterclockwise to push air downward