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What payment methods are acceptable?

You can make premium payments by certified check, money order, agency check or personal check. We also accept payments by credit card, debit card, or e-check using our online payment processor.
CLICK HERE to find out more about making a payment to the Wisconsin Insurance Plan.

What kinds of payment plans are available?

Wisconsin Insurance Plan offers a mortgagee full-payment plan, an insured full-payment plan, or an insured 5-installment payment plan.
The first payment (either an installment or the full amount) is due before a policy may go into effect.
Installment bills are mailed approximately every 50 days. With the 5-installment payment plan, the total premium will be fully paid after about 8 months of coverage.

What if I want my mortgage company to pay the premium from my escrow account?

On a new application write “Bill to Mortgage” if you would like to arrange for your premium to be paid directly to WIP from your mortgage company. The mortgage company will receive a quote but no policy will go into effect until the day after payment is received in the Wisconsin Insurance Plan office.
It is for this reason that the WIP recommends including an initial down payment to start a policy even if it is to be mortgagee billed. When your mortgage company pays the full premium, a refund check payable to the insured will generate for the amount of the overpayment.

When will I get my next bill?

In the 5-installment payment plan, the first 2 billing notices are sent 45 days apart. The next 3 billing notices are spaced 72 days apart. Renewal offers are sent approximately 45 days before the end of the current policy term.

What if I want to cancel my policy?

All cancellation requests must be submitted in writing with the insured’s signature. Cancellations may be able to be back-dated up to 30 days. To back-date more than 30 days, the request must be accompanied by documentation showing that the property is insured elsewhere or that the policyholder no longer has an insurable interest in the property, meaning they no longer own it.
We cannot honor a cancellation request after the policy period has ended or after a Notice of Cancellation or Notice of Non-Renewal has been issued.

Who do I contact to update my mailing address?

To make changes to a mailing address, you may contact your producer to submit the change request on your behalf. You may also contact the Wisconsin Insurance Plan directly by fax at 414-291-5365 or by e-mail at
Homeowner policies must have a valid reason to change the mailing address.

What is a “Producer”?

A “Producer” is how the Wisconsin Insurance Plan refers to licensed insurance agents who submit applications to the WIP and service WIP policies. Your Producer is the agent who submitted your application to the Wisconsin Insurance Plan. They are there to help you.

Why did I receive a 4-Year Non-Renewal Notice?

After receiving up to 4 years of coverage, everyone insured with the Wisconsin Insurance Plan receives a 4-year non-renewal notice. This is a requirement under the Wisconsin Administrative Code. The purpose is to encourage policyholders to at least attempt to obtain insurance through the standard insurance market.
If you are unable to secure coverage from a regular insurance company, you may reapply to Wisconsin Insurance Plan by contacting your Producer and submitting a completely new application.

How do I make a claim?

You can submit a claim online by clicking SUBMIT A CLAIM at the top of this webpage or you can contact your Producer and ask them to submit a claim on your behalf.

What happens after I submit a claim?

After you submit a claim, someone from our claims department will contact you shortly – usually within 48 hours. They will ask you for more detailed information and make arrangements to examine the damage. You can reach the claims department at 1-877-240-0533.

Why did I receive a check in the mail?

If you received a check in the mail from the Wisconsin Insurance Plan, you can find out what it is for by looking at the remittance portion. All WIP refund checks state a reason for the check. Common reasons include Overpayment, Cancellation, Duplicate Payment, etc. If you have further questions, please contact your producer or call the Wisconsin Insurance Plan directly at 414-291-5353.